Best Pre-workout Foods

Best Pre-workout Foods

It may seem quite an obvious statement but fuelling your body before a workout is a must. Just like your car would need petrol if you were going to go on a long road trip, your body needs energy to complete its work out. Here you will be able to find what we think are some of the best pre-workout foods.

There are different ways in which we’d recommend consuming a pre-workout meal. If you are short of time, a light meal with simple carbohydrates and some protein should be consumed 30 minutes before your work-out. For larger meals, consisting of complex low GI carbohydrates, good protein and 400 – 500 calories, you should aim to eat 2 – 3 hours prior exercising.

Protein before exercise is particularly good as it provides the body with the right type of amino acids for energy. Avoid too much fats as they are slow to digest and can lead you to feeling sluggish.


Eating a banana 30 minutes before exercise can provide you with a boost in glycogen levels. This boost comes from the natural sugars, simple carbohydrates and potassium found in bananas. Bananas are also proven to support nerve and muscle function so you may find your body improving physically during training too.

Chicken, Rice and Vegetables

The classic healthy meal associated with exercise is the chicken, rice and vegetable meal. The lean protein and complex carbohydrates you find will provide plenty of amino acids. These, in turn, help promote muscle anabolism meaning they help to ‘build up’ your muscles and organs. The various vitamins in vegetables will aid your body’s natural defences. Aim to eat a meal like this 2 – 3 hours before you start working out.

Greek yogurt & Dried Fruit

This combination is full of goodness, but just be sure to have it in measured amounts if you’re dieting. Although they are a great source of protein for energy, they are also high in sugar and calories. Try and have this 1 – 1.5 hours before.

Porridge and Oatmeal

The perfect food for breakfast. Porridge and oatmeal are full of fibre which will help your body absorb other nutrients needed for your workout. They also release carbohydrates slowly. This is important because the vitamin B they contain, turns these carbohydrates into energy so you can train harder for longer. Ideally wait 2 hours before you start exercising after having porridge or oatmeal.

Wholegrain Bread

One of the best pre-workout foods is the wholegrain bread. Combined with a source of protein, such as hard-boiled eggs, turns it into a great form of energy for a full work-out. As it is full of complex carbohydrates, it is ideal for people preforming endurance activities. Depending on the size of the meal you make with this, aim to eat a minimum of 1 hour before.

It is important to note that different foods work for people in different ways. Therefore, have an experiment with some of our suggestions and see what works best for you. Feel free to get in contact with us to let us know how you get on.



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