Orlos and a healthy diet is a great ‘recipe’ for success

Eating healthier is always a lot easier said than done. Unhealthy food and junk food have their appeal in being generally cheap and convenient, however, they are also strongly connected with obesity and heart disease.

A healthy balanced diet is extremely important for a person’s well-being and can help with not only losing weight, but improving mental health as well. By looking and feeling healthier, you will create a natural feeling of self-satisfaction and ultimately become more confident in yourself and as a person.

Following a healthy weight reducing diet, alongside taking Orlos, you can reach your goals more effectively and efficiently. Whilst taking Orlos, take a multivitamin that contains A, D, E and K.

To ensure you get the most benefits from Orlos, we recommend you to have started a healthy diet prior to taking Orlos and similarly after you finish using Orlos too.

To help you on your way, we have added our favourite healthy recipes to keep you inspired and motivated through your new diet plan.

Orlos can help you lose weight more easily if taken alongside a weight reducing diet
so remember to keep going.

Our Favourite Recipes


As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


A good lunch can help keep the cravings at bay.


And a healthy dinner will make sure those pounds stay away.


Orlos contains Orlistat 60mg
Ask your pharmacist
Always read the leaflet

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